Massachusetts Luxury Estate Liquidations



Our Approach to Luxury Estate Liquidations

We make the entire process very simple. We first look at a live real estate listing or pictures of the items to familiarize ourselves with the items to be considered. We then meet with you at your home to assess the pieces’ condition and create a list of items. From there, we provide you an offer for the lot (typically in 1-2 business days). With various selling channels, we are able to handle from highly collectible antiques/ fine art to everyday housewares. We always ensure a professional service and the utmost discretion and privacy for our clients.

Value Added by Our Approach


We pay once the items are picked up from your home before we sell them. This greatly reduces the settlement time compared to other arrangements such as consignment.


Risk and Impact
to Your Home

Traditional estate sales, in which 400+ people can walk through your home and park at your property in a given weekend, can cause a lot of wear and tear to your property. With our approach, only our affiliates enter your home and are trained to conduct a seemless and professional service.

Client Privacy and Annonymity

On site estate sales and auctions can divulge the identity of a home’s owner. In order to lessen this burden, all items are sold off site from your home and your identity is not revealed during our selling process.

Comprehensive Liquidation

In a liquidation, there isn’t one single channel that will be able to maximize the value of every item. Our approach differs from most in that we employ various sales channels and select the appropriate one on a per item basis.